Everton FC v Everton Farm Shop – Small Business bullied by Big Business?

Everton FC in Liverpool have opened legal proceedings against the owners of a farm shop for alleged trademark infringement – despite them living in a village of the same name as the Premier League side. The owner, Daniela Troop received a letter from the Toffees who had taken exception to the style of font used […]

Is high street retailing a thing of the past?

I was walking through Grafton Street (Dublin) last week – traditionally Ireland’s premiere shopping street and most expensive retail real estate – and I was shocked to see how few retailers were there. It’s been a while since I last walked down Grafton Street and I began to think about the changing retail landscape. I […]

Top 10 “Local SEO” tips for Small Businesses in Ireland

I recently wrote about the mistakes companies make in SEO, which generated some views and shares.  Upon reflection, I thought I would do a follow-up article to address a specific side of Search Engine Optimisation – Local SEO in Ireland and aim it at small business owners who probably don’t have dedicated marketing staff to […]