Instant success for @SkySportsGAA on Twitter (but how did they do it?)

The SkySportsGAA account is 50 days old today (29th May 2014), having been set up on April 1st.  Was it an April Fool’s Day joke we thought … SkySports getting involved with the GAA?  Well, despite a slow start in April, they now have over 22,000 followers. In their first 50 days, SkySportsGAA only tweeted […]

What is the cost of an empty retail unit over a 5 year period?

Many vacant retail shops have been untenanted for five years or more in Ireland. This means that the landlord has managed to do without a rental income for five years.  As such, they might be wondering what do they do for money?  Well, there’s an old Yorkshire saying that “owt is better than nowt” which, […]

Is high street retailing a thing of the past?

I was walking through Grafton Street (Dublin) last week – traditionally Ireland’s premiere shopping street and most expensive retail real estate – and I was shocked to see how few retailers were there. It’s been a while since I last walked down Grafton Street and I began to think about the changing retail landscape. I […]