Everton FC v Everton Farm Shop – Small Business bullied by Big Business?

Everton FC in Liverpool have opened legal proceedings against the owners of a farm shop for alleged trademark infringement – despite them living in a village of the same name as the Premier League side. The owner, Daniela Troop received a letter from the Toffees who had taken exception to the style of font used […]

Is playing football for England a good career move for Jack Grealish?

A staggering 348 football players have played once for England … and never again. As the old adage goes “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” A total of 37 of these players scored on their debut and never played for England again !!! Five of these scored a hat trick on […]

Forty-five of the “Irish Times’ Top 100 Companies” in Ireland FAIL the Google Mobile Test

You might not know this but Google already penalizes sites that provide a bad experience to mobile searchers.  Sites generating errors and other problems for mobile visitors received less visibility in Google’s smartphone results — the results Google shows to mobile searchers, as opposed to desktop searchers This is potentially bad news for companies who […]

The VALUE of an independent IT Consultant

The phone directories, web directories and the Internet (in general) are crammed with consultants.  It is, perhaps, one of the most common words in the B2B and B2C world but what does it really mean? Does the word ‘consultant’ have any validity in the business word any more? Have we got to the point where […]

Insurance: Gaining competitive advantage through Digital Marketing

Today’s competitive advantage front line is at the ‘marketing’ and ‘sales’ pipelines, or more correctly, ‘funnels’.  In the ‘not so old’ days, there was one ‘sales pipeline’ and almost everything about this was the business of the sales team. As companies grew larger, they broadened the pipeline so that multiple sales channels could use it, […]

Digital Marketing – a brief survey of the Irish Property Market

Everyone knows the last decade has been a challenge for the Irish property industry.  Things have picked up in Dublin since the economic meltdown of 2008, but it’s still hard times out there, and estate agents continue to identify new strategies to find and engage with potential home buyers. Newspaper and TV ads are slowly […]

Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Matter? A flawed argument, Prof. Kane!

Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of selling that product or service.  This fundamental hasn’t changed since the advent of digital marketing and all of the platforms that this encompasses.  Social media marketing is a very important part of this process and I […]

Search v Social – what is the best digital marketing option?

Introduction I’ve been doing some analytics on my blog pages recently and the analytics threw up some interesting results.  Data is always interesting because it tends to make me ask questions that I might not have asked if I hadn’t seen the data.  Social media (SoMe) is full of opinionated people trying to support their […]